The Military Order of the Collar
  1. Ethiopia Orphanage
    Ethiopia Orphanage
    We are major supporters since 2006 of an orphanage in Ethiopia, administered by “The Ethiopia Link".
  2. HCPT Lourdes Pilgrimage
    HCPT Lourdes Pilgrimage
    We support HCPT - The Pilgrimage Trust and in particular its group 21 which includes Sixth Formers, old Vaughanians, a nurse, a priest, and a group leader, with their annual pilgrimage to Lourdes
  3. Aajeevika Project
    Aajeevika Project
    imed at improving the care and nutrition of children under 3 years of age and enabling their siblings to remain in school in the remote tribal regions of Udaipur, India
  4. The Leprosy Mission, Bangladesh
    The Leprosy Mission, Bangladesh
    The Leprosy Mission Hospital in Northern Bangladesh has been working as a leprosy referral centre since 1977. Each year they admit around 1,000 leprosy patients to the hospital. The hospital also treats a further 12,000 people through their outpatients’ department. They aim to be a centre of excellence which delivers sustainable, quality holistic care for leprosy and its complications. The MOC Foundation is currently funding reconstructive and plastic surgery for leprosy affected people and cataract surgery.


A few words on some projects...

global report


Every year we publish a report of the global MOC activities which we carry out not only sponsored from the UK, but also by all our other members across the world.  Our activities span across various continents, lands and geographical perspectives, as you can see from the attached downloadable document.

We have actively supported BRA since 1997, with Braille paper, cassettes, vehicles, teaching for special needs pupils and more.  We have been able to sustain this association to the tune of just under £400,000.  Their track record in ensuring that visually impaired children and adults can be integrated into society with dignity with sufficient skills to gain economic self sufficience is impeccable, thanks to the dedication of its excellent staff. Click below for the special care unit report.
In 2017 we supported this health centre in the municipality of Santiago Texacuangos, El Salvador having received an urgent appeal for much needed work to improve the floors of the operating theatre and other high dependency rooms.  Our contribution made a visible difference to the environment and to the prevention of infections in a very poor area of that country. 
B.R.A. Delhi
In the words of two of our Trustees who visited it, "BRA is very special, highly committed, inspiring and frankly humbling".
Santiago Texacuangos, is a small municipality in San Salvador
Special care unit

Over the last 24 years we have supported a wide range of projects, from orphanages in Romania (Husi), a children hospice in Belarus , a school in Zambia, HIV-AIDS work in the Congo, have donated an ambulance in Lima (Rapid UK) and helped countless individuals and other charities.  We can only do all this with your help.  Thank you for your generosity. 
Your donation makes a real difference.